New Music Top 30 for March 27, 2019

Hey folks,

We’ve got more fun stuff added to our New Music programming this week, including fresh hot tracks from Acid Tongue, L’ImpĂ©ratrice, No Win, and Ionna Gika; as well as Son Volt and Broken Social Scene. Tune in to kick out your jams.

This week’s NACC Top 30 for KWTF looks something like this:

Rank Artist Record Label
1 ASTOUNDS, THE Get Alright With The Astounds Self-Released
2 CHASMS The Mirage Felte
3 EX HEX It’s Real Merge
4 SPELLLING Mazy Fly Sacred Bones
5 TACOCAT “Grains Of Salt” [Single] Sub Pop
6 BAND OF SKULLS “Cool Your Battles” [Single] So
7 JULIA JACKLIN Crushing Polyvinyl
8 CHERRY GLAZERR Stuffed & Ready Secretly Canadian
9 SHARON VAN ETTEN Remind Me Tomorrow Jagjaguwar
10 JAMES SUPERCAVE Alarm Will Sound [EP] Self-Released
11 BONE ACRE Oll Korrect Self-Released
12 COMBO CHIMBITA Ahomale [Advance Tracks] Anti-
13 METRIC Art Of Doubt MMI/Crystal Math
14 LAPECHE Spirit Bunnies [EP] Bakery Outlet
15 DEERHUNTER Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared? 4AD/Beggars Group
16 ILLUMINATI HOTTIES “I Wanna Keep Yr Dog” [Single] Tiny Engines
17 ELDER ISLAND The Omnitone Collection Whole
18 EMILIE KAHN Outro Secret City
19 CHAI Punk Burger
20 R STEVIE MOORE Afterlife Bar/None
21 NANA ADJOA A Tale So Familiar Bloomer
22 DATES, THE Ask Again Later Burger
23 SELF ESTEEM Compliments Please FICTION
24 WAND Laughing Matter [Advance Tracks] Drag City
25 NANAMI OZONE NO Tiny Engines
26 DEAFHEAVEN “Black Brick” [Single] Anti-/Epitaph
27 TULLYCRAFT The Railway Prince Hotel HHBTM
28 KING GIZZARD AND THE LIZARD WIZARD Fishing For Fishies [Advance Tracks] ATO
29 LEMONHEADS, THE Varshons 2 Fire
30 COATHANGERS, THE The Devil You Know Suicide Squeeze

New Music Top 30 for March 20, 2019

Howdy folks,

If you’re tuning in to New Music this week, we’ve got some hot new stuff from j-pop/j-punk-ish band CHAI and some jangly goodness from The Dates, both on Burger Records. We also have The Lemonheads covering The Eyes, Wand, Tullycraft (!), Nanami Ozone, Boogarins, King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard, and The Black Keys if you’re into that kinda stuff 🙂 And an assortment of other new bits and bobs.

Here is our Top 30 for the week ending March 19, 2019:

Artist Record Label

New Music Top 30 for March 12, 2019

Hey folks,

We have started updating KWTF’s New Music programming with exciting new releases and charting with our friends at NACC. This week, there’s new stuff from The Coathangers, Cass McCombs, the great R. Stevie Moore, Spiral Stairs, John Vanderslice, another track from the forthcoming Ex Hex album, illuminati hotties (one of my favorite live bands recently), and Deafheaven (if you need some heaviness). I am also digging Comba Chimbita’s “Ahomale”, Kiwi Jr, and The Tough Sh*ts as well. Tune in daily from 11am to 4:30pm to hear these fine new tracks along with all your regular favorites.

Here is our Top 30 for the week of March 12, 2019:

1 Ex Hex It’s Real Merge Records
2 Tacocat This Mess Is a Place Sub Pop
3 Self Esteem Compliments Please Fiction Records
4 SPELLLLING Mazy Fly Sacred Bones
5 Chasms The Mirage felte
6 Cherry Glazerr Stuffed & Ready Secretly Canadian
7 Sharon van Etten Remind Me Tomorrow Jagjaguwar
8 Deerhunter Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared? 4AD
9 Nana Adjoa A Tale So Familiar Bloomer Records
10 Band of Skulls Cool Your Battles So
11 Julia Jacklin Crushing Polyvinyl
12 LAPĂŞCHE Spirit Bunnies Bakery Outlet
13 The Astounds Get Right With S/R
14 Madame Ghandi Bad Habits Compilation S/R
15 Metric Art of Doubt MMI/Crystal Math
16 Emilie Kahn Outro Secret City
17 James Supercave Alarm Will Sound S/R
18 Elder Island The Omnitone Collection Whole
19 Julie Jacklin Crushing Polyvinyl
20 Louis Futon Way Back When S/R
21 Deafheaven Black Brick [SINGLE] Anti-
22 Jesse MacCormack No Love Go Secret City
23 Baby FuzZ Plastic Paradise S/R
24 Bone Acre Oll Korrect S/R
25 John Vanderslice The Cedars Native Cat
26 illuminati hotties I Wanna Keep Your Dog [SINGLE] Tiny Engines
27 Harlem Oh Boy Female Fantasy
28 Combo Chimbita Ahomale Anti-
29 Kiwi Jr Football Money Mint Records
30 R. Stevie Moore After/Life Bar/None

KWTF Radio December 2018 News and Updates!

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Thank you for supporting KWTF! Supporters like you make community radio possible. Thank you for helping us not only sustain our programs, but continue to grow our station! We are proud of our accomplishments and plan to do more in the upcoming years.

KWTF is celebrating over four years of broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at 88.1FM in Bodega Bay and streaming for over five years at In 2016 and 2017, we installed a new telephone system for live on air call in shows, sponsored local events, moved and set up our new awesome studio in the SOFA Arts District, held ongoing DJ/programmer meetings and continued to grow our community programming.

We need your help to continue our success into the upcoming year. With your generous gift of $60, $120, $300 (for just $5, $10, $25 per month) you can help us reach these goals in 2018. Simply fill out the enclosed donation form to make your donation today. You can also donate online at to this valuable resource. Your donation is deeply appreciated and helps us air music, arts, and community affairs programs that represent our diverse population.

In 2015 we launched a new website, held our first bowling fundraiser and KWTF was granted a license renewal that extends our broadcast license until 2020. In 2014 we built our production studio, bringing a new source of live radio to Sonoma County. In 2013 with a budget of just $22,000 we built a radio station and aired over 2,500 hours of unique programming, much of it locally produced. We need your help to continue this success in the upcoming year!

With your help we will be able to enhance our studio, hire staff, increase our programming and get our signal into central Sonoma County. In 2015 we transitioned to a no staff station due to budget restraints, which we want to change in the upcoming year. Our minimum budget for expanded studio operations is $50,000. Our minimum budget to expand our signal into Santa Rosa is $20,000. With your help we can reach these goals in the upcoming year! 

In 2013 the Redwood Justice Fund generously gave KWTF a significant grant to support broadcast improvements and increase our grassroots donor base. KWTF is actively searching for new programmers, listeners, donors and volunteers (tell your friends!). Get involved today! We continue to be online at and you can listen on the TuneIn app on your device.

Here’s to a great new year. We’re The Future. 

-All of us at KWTF Radio

KWTF & AFC Community FUNdraiser!

Big thank you to all that supported, volunteered and came out for The Arlene Francis Center / KWTF Sonoma County Fall Community Fun(draiser) on Sunday, November 12! We had a blast! This event included a food drive to benefit the Redwood Empire Food Bank and a coat drive for One Warm Coat to help our community and those in need. Beer was generously provided by our good friends at Lagunitas Brewing Co. We love you Sonoma County, North Bay and beyond. Stay strong. Stay awesome.

Huge thank you to our awesome djs and performers including:
Temptation – a tribute to New Order
Lucky ol’ Bones (Santa Rosa)
Greg Dale ” Music ” and the Horse You Rode In On (Oakland)
Sad Party (Santa Rosa)
Soulistar (Santa Rosa)

Check Out KRJF

KWTF radio’s longtime supporters and partners, the Redwood Justice Fund, are building out a new local low power community radio station! The new station, KRJF, will be located in Santa Rosa and they need your help! For more information or to donate to their cause, check out their website at

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Kevin’s Top 10 Tracks

  1. “Eden” Makthaverskan from III
  2. “Fever Ray “IDK About You” from Plunge
  3. “Sugarboy” St. Vincent from Masseduction
  4. “These 3 Things” Ought Room from Inside the World
  5. “Come Down Her and Say That” Deerhoof from Mountain Moves
  6. “The Gate” Björk from Utopia
  7. “You’re Dreaming” Wolf Parade from Cry Cry Cry
  8. “Drive” R.E.M. from “Automatic For The People” (25th Anniversary Edition)
  9. “Case” Bleeding Knees Club from digital 7” single
  10. “Ventura Highway” America from Heritage: Home Recordings/Demos 1970 – 1973

Music International’s Top 5 for 2017




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Five Years On KWTF

For those who are unaware, my show Deeper Roots (Friday nights at 9pm) just recently celebrated five years of broadcasting on KWTF. Who knew? Time flew quickly and for those that share my passion for American roots music you’ll know that I’m known to go to a number of wells that go deeper than the vintage and into the antiquity.

After all, the tag line on the show is “A Century of America’s Music”. But I also host a show featuring brand new Americana music Thursday mornings at 9am on KWTF called Blue Moon Americana. It’s where I get to share the music inspired, influenced, and derived from much of the roots music I play on Friday nights.

Details about upcoming broadcasts can be found on and, if you haven’t sampled the show, you can also download the podcasts (for Deeper Roots) at But it’s always fresher when listening live…on Sonoma County’s own community voice, KWTF.

Thank You!

KWTF would like to thank the generosity of all of our supporters including Redwood Justice Fund and New World Library for their generous munificent gifts. Y’all rock and your support means the world to us! If you work for a company that offers matching gifts, please consider KWTF for your next donation.

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Newsletter Posted by Desiree Poindexter. 

Join Us Sunday November 12th For A KWTF & AFC Community FUNdraiser!

AFC / KWTF Fundraiser Sun Nov 12th!

Join us for The Arlene Francis Center / KWTF Sonoma County Fall Community Fun(draiser) on Sunday, November 12! This event will include a food drive to benefit the Redwood Empire Food Bank and a coat drive for One Warm Coat to help our community and those in need. Beer will be provided by our good friends at Lagunitas Brewing Co. We love you Sonoma County, North Bay and beyond. Stay strong. Stay awesome.   RSVP today on Facebook here!

Awesome performers will include:
Temptation – a tribute to New Order
Lucky ol’ Bones (Santa Rosa)
Greg Dale ” Music ” and the Horse You Rode In On (Oakland)
Sad Party (Santa Rosa)
Soulistar (Santa Rosa)

Sunday, November 12, 4-10pm
The Arlene Francis Center
99 West 6th St., Santa Rosa, CA
$10 (sliding sale)

Suggested food donation items: Tuna and canned meats, peanut butter, low sodium soups and stews, whole grain rice, pasta, and oats, dry beans, low sugar cereal, canned fruits and vegetables, low sugar granola bars. NO GLASS, PLEASE.