KWTF Has A Studio!!!


Great news everybody KWTF now has our studio up and running! Starting next Tuesday we have programmers booked to prerecord and do LIVE radio out of our studio. Huge thanks to all of our supporters for funding this effort, big shout outs to:Redwood Justice Fund and Stanroy Music Center for their generous donations. Thanks to Josh Drake for figuring out  how to wire our broadcast  console, Yarrow Sweningsen for the headphone amp and a billion other do-dads, to Bob Gowa for the voice processors, mic booms and endless consultations, and to Will McCollum for the cross fader, turn table and headphone adapters.

Now is the time for you to get on our air. If you have an idea for a show please complete this form and we will contact you for an interview and training.

Operating this studio will increase KWTF’s expenses. KWTF relies on donor support to operate. Please support our progress by donating here.