Q Filmcast

Sundays, 6 to 7am (PST)

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, The Q Filmcast is a weekly show featuring five friends who take turns “Queuing” up a film currently streaming online. Every show they try to surprise one another with their review, and in turn, let you know if you should “Queue” it up yourself. With their own unique tastes and perceptions, the cast is never a loss for discussion. Every show is also rounded out with a “Top 3” list, inspired by the film reviewed. Entertaining and informative, The Q Filmcast gives listeners a chance to hear about films easily available online, and perhaps offer an idea of what to watch in the future.

The Q Filmcast features :

  • James “Hard Sub” Savage
  • Matt “St. Hoodie”
  • Max “Gumbo” Johnson
  • Michael ” The Maestro” Meier
  • and the producer, Adam “The Bomb” Rodgers

Find out more at theqfilmcast.net.